ABOUT US 01Message from the Principal

Principal of Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Junior & Senior High School Kawazoe Takeshi

Principal of Tokyo Joshi Gakuen
Junior & Senior High School

Kawazoe Takeshi

Industry was the focus of the 20th century: it was a time for coming together as a society and constructing national identity. The dynamic has changed, however, as now the individual is the center of our society. Our future generations should be equipped with ability and wisdom to not only survive, but also to flourish in their chosen career paths. In the same way that our students grow from their experiences abroad, so too, will they utilize the knowledge gained from Tokyo Joshi Gakuen for the future world.

Therefore, I want to encourage each student to pursue and achieve her ambitions and dreams. In a girls’ school, each student can freely express herself. Without fear of judgment or criticism at this school, independence and self-expression are emphasized as strongly as core subjects. It is imperative that students have the opportunity to try out various things, as well as understand that failure is simply the first step to becoming a master. Triumph is not something that is measured solely by the challenge of a task, but also by having the tenacity to never give up.

Students, please strive to find a deeper meaning when you study. Try to discover who you are, why you want to study, and what you want to do in your life. And, finally, please remember, that we will always support you along the way.

ABOUT US 02About Our School

21st Century Education

21st Century Education

1. Educational Theme
“Global Thinking” ~ Encouraging young women to become global citizens ~
Now, globalization and technology greatly change society. Innovation advancements and artificial intelligence, however, require human work. Future generations will not only need to adapt to technology but also have the knowledge and skills to continue the evolution of our society. They need the ability to think deeply. Simply having knowledge of a field of study is not sufficient to enter the work force these days, where applied knowledge is the standard. We, at Tokyo Joshi Gakuen, provide an environment that challenges students to became women who strive to build a better future.
2. Five Skills

Global Vision
By studying English, History, and Philosophy, we will acquire an ability of cross-cultural communication, a global perspective and cultivate awareness as an international student.

Data Science
In the coming era, it is necessary to understand AI and Big Data so that they can be used as appropriated. We learn the basics of data science such as Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization through various programs.

Design, Arts
We develop expressiveness and imagination to communicate your thoughts in a language that transcends words, such as manufacturing, painting, music, and physical expression. It is the cornerstone of integrated arts and sciences.

Creative Thinking
We develop the ability to consider something in a new way. We learn programming and software skills through the utilization of iPad that each student is equipped with.
By blending technology with education, we foster inquiring minds.

Through daily lessons, we reinforce learning habits and acquire basic academic ability. Learning with passion is a great driving force for realizing your dreams for the future. We also value building lifelong friendships through everyday school life.

3. Four Pillars of Success
a. Active Learning & Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
b. Our English Education will increase the four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. “If it’s not fun, it’s not English!”
c. Career Education
d. Campus Preparatory School

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